Rafting on Soca river

Active holidays on the Soca river

Some areas are just ideal to host all kinds of outdoor activities. The Soca Valley is a perfect example! It’s situated on the border of the Julian Alps, providing a great scenery and a wide variety of options for outdoor activities. But the main advantage is the Soca river itself, which offers some unique experiences and activities. The options range from easy and relaxing to challenging and demanding.

Even one single activity can be both relaxing and challenging. Rafting on Soca river is a great example. There is a wide variety of guided tours offering all kinds of experiences. The most sought-after are the exciting tours over rapids and drops, but rafting on Soca river can also be quite relaxing and focused on sightseeing. Most of the tours contain both, offering a unique experience for all kinds of adventurers. Not only is the Soca river ideal for different kinds of rafting tours, the towns in the valley host tourist agencies that are flexible with professionally guided tours. It’s not surprising that rafting on Soca river is among the most popular activities around here.

Rafting is not the only option, of course. For those looking for more challenging activities, Soca canyoning can be a great choice. Canyoning is typically more demanding, while still quite relaxing and especially rewarding. Soca canyoning is not only an obstacle course, but also an adventure in the unspoilt nature. It’s not generally done on the Soca river, which is too wide and strong for this kind of exploration. Instead, Soca canyoning is done in the canyons of the river’s tributaries that offer an attractive environment and challenging courses. If you want to stay active during your holidays, canyoning is definitely the right choice – some tours can even last for 7 or 8 hours!