How to explore the Soca river?

How to explore the Soca river?

The idyllically situated Soca river carves a valley through the Alps and offers a myriad of breath-taking views in its upper part. It’s definitely worth exploring, but you’ll have to pick the option that suits you best – go paddle along the surface of the water, dive beneath it, admire it from the bridges and footpaths, or even soar above it! All the options are available in the offer of the towns on the riverbanks.

The best town to choose is, especially for rafting, Bovec. Soca is dynamic and exciting in this part, while the town itself is very well prepared for adventure-seeking tourists. The combination of favourable factors makes the choice logical; the best place is for rafting Bovec. Soca can also be explored with a kayak or hydrospeed, so the choice is definitely not limited in this regard, even though the most popular option is still rafting Bovec. Soca is open for all kinds of vessels and offers some great views and an unforgettable experience. 

With the many tributaries carving out narrow canyons, the surroundings are just as beautiful as the river Soca. Canyoning is therefore a great opportunity for adventurers seeking a unique experience in the untouched nature. Soca canyoning is becoming more and more popular, as it offers a completely new perspective – even though the Soca valley is a breath-taking sight in virtually every spot, the narrow and less visited canyons can be even more attractive. That’s why Soca canyoning is recommended for every adventurer that wants to try something new, while still enjoying the pristine nature in the surroundings of the river. 

Other options are still available for those that don’t like to get wet. After all, you can just walk or cycle along the riverbanks, there are miles of well-maintained and clearly marked paths.